Speaking Opportunities

The Art of Sacred Listening and How it Can Change Your Life

Non Violence  – How To Learn to Live a Life of Nonviolence and Share it With Your World

Prayer Work – The Power of Prayer. Learn to Pray, Your Way

The Global Interfaith Movement and Why Our Time is Now

Pranayama for My Soul, My Body, My Mind (Experiential)

Beginning a Yoga Practice for Life – EarthVibes Yoga for the Mind, Body, Spirit for All Sacred Beings

Coffee & Tea Breaks – A 90-Minute Intimate Gathering of Friends, Old and New – Sharing & Speaking on How to Heal our World (1 Topic per Break)

Vino Breaks – A 90-Minute Intimate, Evening Gathering of Friends, Old and New – Sharing & Speaking on Topics of Worldly Healing Proportions!

The Power of our Personal Healing Energy, We Are All the Healer!

Shamanism, Drumming, Journeying,  Yes You!

Self-Forgiving, Trusting Our Power Within

All Lives Matter! How to Engage in Humanity’s Greatest Gift – Love!

For Community – TRIBE TALKS

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