Prayer Work is by far … the most exhilarating and satisfying of my Personal journey’s Work. The Power of Prayer is like no other, understanding our human-ability to call in Divine Grace from Spirit and our Creator open up a World where we can and will if we Surrender and Believe, live through our Hearts, infinitely in this lifetime.

I was surrounded by Prayer as a child, my home was full of iconic-type, Catholic and Christian deities, rosaries, prayer cards, bibles, alters and more. However the presence of these stationary tools didn’t have the Power to move my Soul.

The Prayer Work began with the beginning of a personal Transformation – a time of greatest struggle, fear, grief and trepidation about this Life I have been gifted. The Prayers began to reveal themselves to me via many Teachers, alive and passed, through spiritual downloads, through the deepest and most profound moments of Silence. Many books, many spiritual, emotional, physical, shamanic and healing-sessions later, the Words, Songs, Visions, Chants, Sounds, Bhakti Practices and more began to permeate my Soul, and then the Understanding came.

The beauty of the spoken word of such mesmerizing proportions through focused Prayer and Affirmations created within my Heart a space of Joy and Light and Love and . . . beyond all else – Faith in the power of the Spirit and Love within us all, and ultimately, Trust. Prayer created in my World the Trust I was seeking to go beyond the human experience and engage the Spirit within.

Prayer Heals. Prayer brings Faith and Trust and Peace to our Souls.

I look forward to Sharing the many ways a life of Prayer and positive Affirmations of Love and raw Surrender can and will rock your Divine World.

We’re all vessels of the Divine…Are you ready to let Her in?