A Divine Model  to Engage in Self-Forgiveness . . .

I channeled this piece about 2 1/2 years ago at a time in my Life where the days were long and oftentimes, dark. With no surprise, after delving deep into the study of many Spiritual Masters, Mystics and such, I discovered that this model has been used  for centuries, another not quite so surprise. Please take a Read and Understand…

The Power is Within You – It is Within Us All to live lives of pure Joy, Peace and Bliss. The Work – The Work is our self-work . . . the willingness to sit in Silence and Contemplation and thought to let our Hearts speak to Us, as likely, never before. The Work begins with Forgiving thine Self.

I am Happy to Share this widely and Freely with All who know there is so much more to this Life than we’ve been led to Believe, and that Joy resides within each of Us, waiting with a loving fervor to Present.

Many Blessings,

Mary Lou


Self Forgiveness Path to Our Freedom

How and Why Engaging a Process of Self Forgiveness Sets Us Free to Be Compassionate, Loving Beings.

The process of Self Forgiveness through Acknowledgment and Release of Behaviors, of both Ourselves and Others, which have directly and indirectly molded our lives, and bound Us as well as nourished Us, is deeply Healing and Revealing Medicine for our Souls.

Engaging the freeing properties of Self Forgiveness in our lives, provides likely, the most powerful and moving tool available in our journey of Self-Growth, Self- Love and of course, Compassion for everyone in the World.

(This Self-Forgiveness model is of my own channeling accompanied by a compilation of teachings from many Spiritual influences, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Merton, Louise Hay, etc. as well as dear friends who have found their Healer within and assisted Me and many,in our own journey’s of release, freedom and simply, Compassion for All).

Remembering of course, our Healing is a life-long practice). The Steps are …

1. Acknowledge the Behavior Occurred. SEE It.

2. Accept the Behavior Without Agreeing to its Perceived Content or Intent. JUST Accept It.

3. Be Willing to Agree the Behavior was ‘not’ Yours, therefore the Ownership was/is never for You to keep.


4. Set the Behavior Free. RELEASE all facets of the Behavior, all of which may have injured You, Hurt You, Halted

You, Terrified You, Prevented You, Etc. It was never yours to begin with; it belongs to the Soul of another.

RELEASE all the Behaviors from your own Heart, your own Soul.

5. Visualize the Disconnection. VISUALIZE the Release and the Cutting of all Connections to the Behavior of the

Person(s); Seeing that Persons(s) for Who “They” are, a separate and unique individual, living their own Story,

their own Existence.

6. Breathe Deep – ENGAGE your own Self-Cleansing and Self-Love. SEE Yourself Free.

7. Breathe Deep – ENGAGE your own, newly-found Compassion. SEE the Other(s) Free.

8. Ground, Give Infinite Thanks to Spirit, Creator, Mother, God.

9. Once Completed; then We begin the Process Again …. For Ourselves, now knowing our Pain has always lived

within, as we have Seen and now Understand, everyone’s Pain is their own Story. Self-Forgiveness then is only a

mere, blessed moment away, using the same Model above. (It’s vital that the Self-Forgiveness model is first

completed for those in your Life whose behaviors have affected You. Once you have found the Forgiveness in your

Soul for them, You are then ready to Free yourself as well, as You have Learned the Power of Forgiveness, through

Releasing Others actions; at which point the most potent Medicine for You, is Forgiving all of You). Trust.

This Self-Forgiveness process is beautiful and amazing Medicine which auspiciously Frees both Individuals from the ties –

past and present, which bind them from their Freedom and ultimate joy in life. The effectiveness of the Self-Forgiveness

Process is always the same – when We Believe, We Heal ourselves. Understand please …there is Pain which accompanies

this Medicine; the pain lies within the process of Seeing (which frequently brings up very old, oftentimes, forgotten

wounds), Accepting (which requires Trusting the process), and in most cases, the most difficult piece – Understanding.

Agreeing to Understand, oftentimes leaves Us to believe we are agreeing to the Behavior. This is not the case, Self-

Forgiveness does not include accepting any type of negative, violent or other behavior which harms Us or others. The

Agreement to Understand, largely reverts back to the initial Seeing – which can take quite some time itself, and then

entirely removing ourselves from the behavior and purely Understanding it was always theirs, never ours.

This Step is the most difficult and frequently, the most painful portion. Admitting we may have had/have someone in our

lives who we perhaps Trusted, Loved, Believed in, etc. whose actions were painful to Us, is admitting our Expectations

were ‘not’ fulfilled and therefore …. We are only responsible for Ourselves. Agreeing to Understand involves likely looking

at the Other, perhaps for the very first time, as an independent human being, a product of their own past, their own

families, situations, etc. Understanding is accepting their own individuality, and also accepting we made the conscious

decision to have them in our lives, yes even Parents, therefore their story then included Us, perhaps a Parent, Spouse,

Child, Lover, etc. Remember, this part of the process requires ultimate Trust, knowing we are setting both ourselves and

them, free.

Releasing. Releasing is Acknowledging the Behavior occurred, Accepting it for what it was, Understanding its ownership

and then, letting it Go, because it never belonged to Us to begin with, and therefore we now know, the behavior was and

perhaps is, their Story, not ours. Visualizing this Release of energy’s often times results in a very physical, as well as

emotional, “shift” in our own energy and heart-field, as setting Yourself and Others Free is the power and the love of the


Visualizing the Release. This is the most important portion of Releasing; taking the very private and important time

needed to visualize the Releasing of the Behavior that belonged/belongs to the Other; literally seeing it return to its Owner.

It’s so important to understand that Releasing by no means infers or suggests we no longer can have relationship with the

Other, which can include Loving them. Releasing simply means we’ve completed the process of Seeing, Accepting and

Understanding that every person’s behaviors belong entirely to them, and therefore any and all pain we may have

experienced from another, was entirely the pain ‘within’ themselves, although it was directed towards Us, and perhaps


Once we See, Accept and Understand, we then can Release, Visualize the Disconnection and Ground ourselves into that

place of Freedom, Self-Forgiveness and Compassion. Because, you will see, when we Forgive others, we are then able to

Forgive ourselves. Setting them Free, sets Us Free.

Believe. Trust. Read More on Compassion, Coming Soon.

Mary Lou Anderson, Healer, Human, Lover