Fall 2019 Series, September, 2019, Stay Tuned!

The Light & The Healer Within Immersion

 Lovingly Offered by, Spirit & Serve, LLC

 Las Vegas, NV

Sacred Moon & Peyote Bird

The Light and the Healer Within Immersion

Sessions Include … Beginner Series of,
Healers, Medicine People, Sages, Mystics and More.
Sacred Tools of the Medicine Woman/Man Healer, Gods, Goddesses Deities, Angels, Human Helpers and More.
The Cleansing ‘Work’ – Energy, Reiki, Shamanism, Prayer, Forgiveness and More. And Also,

The Teachings of Our 7 Main Chakras.
Meeting Your Archangels & Guides.

Teachings & Experiential Work Diving Deep Into…

The Healing Medicine Within Us All 
Understanding Our Light of Spirit Within
Understanding Our Energy Within

** Sweet Deal ~ $45 Session or $120/Series  **

Questions?  Contact:

 Spirit & Serve, LLC @ 702-572-7249


Just to Be is a Blessing,
Just to Live is Holy

Rabbi Abraham Heschel

And, 2018 ~ 2019 Wonderful Offerings from Spirit & Serve . . .

Winter and Holi-Day 2018 Gift Certificates & Specials, Especially for You ~

As we’re concluding such an incredible 11 Year full of Light, Love and C h a n g e, at a Soul Level, Spirit & Serve is lovingly Offering many Year-End Specials, Sales and Offerings to Help You, Help You.

To Each of Us having the Faith, Hope, Trust and Resolve to Work on Ourselves, from the Soul-Level out knowing that a Joyful, Peaceful and Purposeful Life is only a Divine Breath away. When We commit to opening our Hearts and allowing Spirit and Creator to fill our World with incredible Healing, Forgiveness and Love . . . the Journey is all-Healing. Do Trust that Friends, and I sincerely hope to See you All very Soon.

Much Love, Light, Acceptance to be Yours,

Mary Lou

Specials Through December 31, 2018

Holi-Day Gifting Certificates – Minimum $50  Purchase. Purchase$100 Certificate, Receive 3 Hours of Services to Use How You Desire!

30% Off All Services – 1st Time Clients

$50 – 1 Hour Sacred Listening Session

$40 Spiritual Reading – 1 Hour (!) – 1st Time Clients

40% Off Any Service for (Successful, Completed Appointment) Referral

$80/Month for 1x Week Private, 1-Hour Yoga, Meditation and Reiki/Energy Work Session

$75 Reiki and Energy Work Session (1 1/2 Hours, Includes Sacred Listening 1/2 Hour)

$50 Chakra Balancing, Reiki and Energy Work Session (1 Hour)

$50 – 1 Hour Private Learn to Meditate Session