So Very Honored in Honoring and Sharing the Sacred Practices of Yoga ~ with the World. Thank you TRAVEL NEVADA for the sweet experience of sharing EarthVibes Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation on the Woman Road Warrior Series through Our Beautiful State of Nevada at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park!


Many Thanks, Blessings, Love and, Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Aum.

Fall 2019 Series, September, 2019, Stay Tuned!

The Light & The Healer Within Immersion

 Lovingly Offered by, Spirit & Serve, LLC

 Las Vegas, NV

Sacred Moon & Peyote Bird

The Light and the Healer Within Immersion

Sessions Include … Beginner Series of,
Healers, Medicine People, Sages, Mystics and More.
Sacred Tools of the Medicine Woman/Man Healer, Gods, Goddesses Deities, Angels, Human Helpers and More.
The Cleansing ‘Work’ – Energy, Reiki, Shamanism, Prayer, Forgiveness and More. And Also,

The Teachings of Our 7 Main Chakras.
Meeting Your Archangels & Guides.

Teachings & Experiential Work Diving Deep Into…

The Healing Medicine Within Us All 
Understanding Our Light of Spirit Within
Understanding Our Energy Within

** Sweet Deal ~ $45 Session or $120/Series  **

Questions?  Contact:

 Spirit & Serve, LLC @ 702-572-7249


Just to Be is a Blessing,
Just to Live is Holy

Rabbi Abraham Heschel

And, 2018 ~ 2019 Wonderful Offerings from Spirit & Serve . . .

Winter and Holi-Day 2018 Gift Certificates & Specials, Especially for You ~

As we’re concluding such an incredible 11 Year full of Light, Love and C h a n g e, at a Soul Level, Spirit & Serve is lovingly Offering many Year-End Specials, Sales and Offerings to Help You, Help You.

To Each of Us having the Faith, Hope, Trust and Resolve to Work on Ourselves, from the Soul-Level out knowing that a Joyful, Peaceful and Purposeful Life is only a Divine Breath away. When We commit to opening our Hearts and allowing Spirit and Creator to fill our World with incredible Healing, Forgiveness and Love . . . the Journey is all-Healing. Do Trust that Friends, and I sincerely hope to See you All very Soon.

Much Love, Light, Acceptance to be Yours,

Mary Lou

Specials Through December 31, 2018

Holi-Day Gifting Certificates – Minimum $50  Purchase. Purchase$100 Certificate, Receive 3 Hours of Services to Use How You Desire!

30% Off All Services – 1st Time Clients

$50 – 1 Hour Sacred Listening Session

$40 Spiritual Reading – 1 Hour (!) – 1st Time Clients

40% Off Any Service for (Successful, Completed Appointment) Referral

$80/Month for 1x Week Private, 1-Hour Yoga, Meditation and Reiki/Energy Work Session

$75 Reiki and Energy Work Session (1 1/2 Hours, Includes Sacred Listening 1/2 Hour)

$50 Chakra Balancing, Reiki and Energy Work Session (1 Hour)

$50 – 1 Hour Private Learn to Meditate Session