Our Greatest Lessons

And, I say … Our Greatest Lessons are Non Judgment and Compassion…and the toughest of those Lessons is finding Love for those who most darkly and falsely represent themselves as pure Light, that non-existent pure Light Humans seem to think they can attain in this vessel of Life.

Yogananda has been one of the greatest Teachers of such unconditional Love. Read Him! Those who still hit our buttons and shake us off of our own Light center are here to teach us the greatest of Lessons. It certainly is a daily endeavor in my World….I’ve learned to Self Forgive quickly for occasionally still Judging those who seem yet to have no Way…

Seems we were all there at one point. And if we’re sweetly Blessed with the Grace of Spirit to be the Teachers as we Learn as the infinite Student, then I say, we absolutely must learn from the Posers. Painful and debilitating as it can be…they were sent here in this Lifetime of ours to actually shed ‘the Light’, and “they” is “We”. xo

Mary Lou