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Teachings.. the Teachings of the Divine, Spirit, Creator, Gods, Goddesses through the many Sages, Mystics, Philosophers and more over the centuries has left Us with a Sacred library full of Spiritual know-how, Musings and considerations to ponder, at every turn.

This page of Teachings from Spirit and Serve is intended to provide the Readers and the Students, with some of the most profound words and Teachings of Wisdom, known to our Earth family, reaching far outside the comfortable norm…dating back to Ancestors, Medicine-People, Shamans, Magicians, Wizards, Philosophers, Spiritual Masters, Prophets, Saints, Angels, Gods and Goddesses, to name but a few. And coupled with Teachings from some of the finest Community of Spiritual Healers, Guides and Practitioners, our goal is to always Share and Update with potent, important reads that will stir your Soul.

Have a favorite Teaching from someone incredible in your World, our World? Contact Me and I’ll be happy to include in our bi-weekly Teaching’s Updates.

Do Enjoy this Journey We are All navigating Together, as One. More Very, Very Soon.

Bless, Peace, Namaste’ and Onward.