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Mary Lou Anderson, Owner – (702) 572-7249 – Las Vegas, NV



Spirit and Serve, LLC 


Throughout Las Vegas, NV (Yes, True), our State, our Western Region and beyond hosts an amazing array and offering of Spiritual Community consisting of Healers, Practitioners, Spiritual Workers, Medicine People, Holi People, Energy Workers, Earth Workers, Activists, Interfaith Peoples, Musicians, Artists, Writers, Speakers and so much More.

Our Area is full of the Divine Love and I’m always happy to both Support and Promote our Friends, Family, Brothers and Sisters in their ongoing Work, for Humanity.  Interested in having your Work, Event, Teaching, Speaking Engagement or More on Spirit and Serve?

Do Contact Me today as I’ll be happy to showcase your Offerings and we can discuss, always an amicable, exchange for the common good of All!