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Energy Work and Reiki Healing is lovingly offered to All people, All ages. Pet Reiki as well. It is a Blessing and Honor to be able to share the Love, Light and Healing properties of Sacred Energy Work with anyone who is seeking the ability to Release negativity and fear in their lives, through gentle, safe (normally hand’s-on) Healing work. The benefits of Energy & Reiki work are many, the foundation is very simple – focused Life-Force Energy is shared with the Client, via an hour or more Session, where, normally lying down on a table, the Healer plays gentle, soothing music and calls in the Spirit of Light and the Divine, laying hands on the body (all discreet) and proceeding to permit the Love and the Light of Spirit and Creator to share the Work.

Deeper, more focused Sessions are also available, offering any combination of Reiki, Energy, Shamanic Healing, Drumming or Medicine Work.

Reiki is defined simply and beautifully as Universal Life Force Energy. Energy Work takes on many dynamic and unique forms, including Reiki, Shamanic Healings, Drumming Sessions, Medicine Work and much more. As a Reiki Practitioner, Energy Worker and Sha-Woman in a lifetime of Residence, my Sessions are either individually offered, or as a combination of both Reiki and Energy Work.

Reiki Sessions, Energy Work Sessions – 1 ½ – 2 Hours, In Person, Telephone, Remote (Text/Email) Options Available.

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2 thoughts on “Energy & Reiki Healing

  1. Mary Lou, I met you today at Spring Mtn Ranch and I felt such a connection. I was wondering if I could schedule a Reiki session with you. Thank you for your work!!

    1. Ahh, Hello beautiful Sandy, was wonderful to meet you and hold space under those magical mountains and clouds with everyone. It would be my absolute pleasure to give you an Energy and Reiki Work Session . . . I currently work T,W and TH evenings after 6 pm and Saturdays after 2 PM. What would you prefer? I look forward to re-connecting with you; you have quite the beautiful and deep Energy; full of purpose ~

      Do let me know and we will Schedule; Much Peace and Calm in your Life today, and always ~ Blessings, Mary Lou

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