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2023 has presented herself as a Strong, Rebuilding, Grounding, Seeding and Growing time for all Sacred Life. For those who understand the plight of our Mother Earth as all-encompassing with each Human breath and movement we make (And the rest, who must), Our Time is Now to be the change and plant seeds for re-birth, by Teaching the Ways of the Sacred so all may walk the same Path to Replenish, truly Love and Heal our Planet.

108 Humanity has been Born! The number 108 is Sacred and Universally meaningful. The Cultures and Belief Systems which revere the Divineness of 108, since the beginning of Man’s (and Woman’s) time, believe 108 has been given to Humanity, in many forms, to remind Us of our Divine Human/Godly Connection. Amazing Detail on the History of 108 soon! For now, suffice it to say, the auspiciousness of 108 spans the Earth from the Teachings of the Veda’s, Buddhism, Astrology, Stonehenge, Jainism, Sikhism, Gnosticism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity, Mayan culture , Fibonacci and much more.

108 Humanity Podcasts Beginning April 2023.

See our Schedule, Our Presenters and Topics- Coming Soon!

Join Here our Growing Community of Teachers, Healers, Spiritual Leaders, Indigenous Families and More for Monthly 108 Humanity Podcasts.

“The” place to Experience and Learn from the Seers, Connectors, Lightworkers, Seed Planters, Spiritual Giants, Elders, Earth Angels and Healers. Each seasoned Leader is given a very brief Topic, a mere 5 minutes before they go on LIVE! These folks are gamechangers in walking the talk of Loving and Re-birthing our Planet, Our Humanity. Enjoy and Learn from the Stars, speaking from their Hearts and Souls, keeping the Teachings and Wisdom alive, growing and Infinitely passionate, for the Good of All Life.

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