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Welcome to The Work of Spirit and The Divine.

When we’re seeking life answers, the first step of the Journey is to Speak Our Truth, tell our Personal Story, and Accept it. From that point, building the Life of our Dreams can become Reality. Everyone is Worthy!

Through  Acknowledgement, Cleansing, Releasing,  Replacing, Creating, Growing and Forgiving, a Divinely Joy-filled Life Can And Will become our Manifest Destiny.

“All Life is Sacred. Every Human Being is Worthy of Healing the wounds they carry of their Ancestors and lineage, and ultimately thriving in a Joy-filled, purposeful life. Rather than wishing what could have been, I invite you to commit to take the Leap forward into your Divine Destiny, a birthright of us all! Freedom and Joy awaits.”

Mary Lou Anderson

Healing Services

Healing Services include such ancient practices as Sacred Listening, Theta Healing, Energy Work and Reiki, Journeying, Sacred Cleansings, Prayer Work, Forgiveness Work and more. These are the vital and diverse Tools which most Ignite and Support our Journey to Well-Being and Joy.

Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama

The ancient, Sacred Teachings from the Vedic Tradition – Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation along with Ayurvedic Healing, are powerful, healing medicines for everyone. EarthVibes Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Services are tailored to the Individual as well as Groups, large and small, invoking the Spirit of the Earth and her gifts, in a Good, Healing Way.

Spiritual Services

Spiritual Guide Services include a wide array of offerings including Spiritual Readings, Osteomancy (Casting of the Bones), Affirmation & Manifestation Work, Prayer Circles, Women’s Circles, Women’s Drumming Circles, Speaking Engagements, Teaching Engagements, Immersions, Workshops and More. Stay tuned for our new 108 Humanity Podcast coming in 2023!

Surrender and Receive…

Spiritual Services

Spiritual Readings

Embark upon an Energy or Card (Or Both!) Reading and discover what may lie ahead or still behind You in this human-life that has gotten you to the Now. Pose your greatest life-questions and experience what Spirit messages come through. Many Reading Options Available including Energy, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Bone Throwing and more.

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Prayer Work

Have you ever wanted to begin to Pray, but didn’t know how to start? Let Spirit & Serve Guide you on your way, as Prayer is our most potent Medicine.

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Workshops, Classes, Immersions
See what Spirit & Serve is Offering this month and year for Classes, Zoom Sessions, Podcasts, Videos, Certification Classes, Weekend Immersions and much more.

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Spirit & Serve is happy to share some of the greatest Teachings of Life, Philosophy and more since the beginning of our time on this Sacred Planet. Enjoy the Teachings and Readings.

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Speaking Appearances

Mary Lou is a dynamic, well-versed and compassionate Presenter and Speaker on a wide variety of topics in the Sacred Healing Arts.

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Mary Lou Anderson,
Healing Woman

A lifelong leader and practitioner in the healing of people’s greatest fears and barriers, Mary Lou Anderson is a Spiritual Advisor, Certified Theta Healer, Reiki Master Teacher (R.M.T.) and Energy Healer Practitioner, Certified Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Certified Pranayama Teacher, Spiritual Reader, Sacred Listener, Bone Reader, Earth Drummer, Women’s Healing Circle Teacher, Sister, and much more.

Helping You
Helping Yourself Heal

My Approach & Philosophy

As a Healing Woman, my approach with those who seek Personal Freedom, Joy and pure Love in their lives mirrors the same Divine Work I embarked upon myself many years past — Speaking my Truth, Listening to my Soul, Invoking Self-Love, Working through and past Fears, Beliefs and Programs which no longer serve my highest Self, Forgiveness of All in my Life, Past and Present, and ultimately, Forgiveness of Me.

Through the Divine guidance of many teachers, medicine folk, Spiritual guides and more, I learned that the key to happiness and freedom in life is to be willing to understand and acknowledge All Life is equally Sacred. We humans are all capable of receiving and living with absolute Divine Grace, which means every person on Earth is “Worthy” of the greatest most fulfilling life possible.

My Spirit & Serve Programs capture and unveil the truest essence of You in order to lovingly work through the challenges and obstacles which can keep us all in a place of uncertainty and fear. By helping you understand and accept who you are and where you’ve come from — and releasing and replacing all Beliefs and Programs which no longer serve you, with healthier, more fulfilling Beliefs, the Work of Healing thyself has begun! Every human being has received the Free Will to be all you want to Be.

Take the Leap Now!
I’ll Help You Help Yourself Grow
into the greatest version of You.

Blogging, Teachings, Musings & Love

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The Medicine

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