Celebration of Life Services

Blessings and Welcome Family and Friends,

Myself and my Partner, Johnnie Bobb, are humbled and delighted to begin (Officially) Offering Spiritual Celebration of Life Services. Whether you may have an idea for a Celebration of Life for a Loved One, or likely have no particular idea, let Us help you, in many ways, along this Journey.

Johnnie and I bring a lifetime and more of Spiritual Offerings for those Loved Ones who have passed on, from Ceremonies, to Celebrations, Gatherings and more.

Please Do Contact Me Today ~ We can speak about yours’ and perhaps your Family’s Vision for a Life Celebration to Honor your Dear One with the utmost Respect, Kindness and Joy.

So Much Love Your Way, We look forward to Connecting,

Mary Lou & Johnnie

Phone (702) 572-7249, Email: spiritandserve@gmail.com or Here: https://www.spiritandserve.com


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