Sacred Listening, The First, Divine Step


Deeply influenced by Kay Lindahl and her “Sacred Art of Listening” book and teachings, along with many years of Listening and Counseling via People Management in the mainstream business sectors and 10 + years of very focused Sacred Listening Healing work, I’ve discovered that all Human Beings seek to be truly heard; at times no more, no less than heard. It’s Our Validation – of Self. 

My Sacred Listening Sessions are almost always the very first Service my Clients seek, and I recommend, as when we are searching for answers, the very beginning of the Journey is to speak our Truth! From there, we build, build the Life of our Dreams by beginning the process of Cleansing, Releasing, Replacing, Repurposing, Creating, Growing and . . . Forgiving.

Sacred Listening Sessions – Generally 2 Hours, In Person, Telephone, Remote Options Available.

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Blessings Beautiful Brothers & Sisters ~ To Our Collective Healing, for Ourselves, Our Sacred Earth
~ Mary Lou


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