All About “The Divine Work”

To Our Collective Joy in Life,

I’m Mary Lou Anderson, Owner of Spirit & Serve, LLC, serving all of You whose deepest desire is to attain Personal Growth and a Peaceful, Purposeful, Loving and Fulfilling Life through the Healings, Teachings, Learning and Experiencing of the Practices of Self-Love, Forgiveness, Self-Commitment and Seva – Serving Selves and Others. A bit of Me in Biography format, my experiential background, the Grace I’ve been honored to receive over the past 10 years and why I’ve been chosen and therefore choose, to do “The Work”.

Mary Lou Anderson has been a lifelong leader and practitioner in the healing of people’s greatest fears and barriers, which still them from a fulfilling, joyful existence. Mary Lou’s experience in Consulting, Counseling, Coaching, Self-Improvement, Manifestation and Healing work spans over thirty years, representing a diverse population of clientele, cultures and business industries. Educated at Gannon University, a private, Catholic institution, along with extended studies at University New Mexico, University NV, Reno and University of Phoenix, Anderson embarked upon a lifetime career of managing the people business of business – and life, through diverse Human Relations, Human Resources, General Business and Technology management.

Anderson’s love of empathetic listening and healing modalities initially launched her into the more traditional realm of corporate enterprise, where she spent many years as a Human Resources professional, V.P., and Director for a variety of hospitality, gaming, healthcare and long-term care company’s throughout the United States, including a wonderful period of time with a Tribal Government and Gaming organization in the Pacific Northwest. Simultaneously, her passion for advocating for those at-risk population segments – the elderly, the impoverished, those with developmental disabilities, the homeless, led Mary Lou into private work with several non-profit groups, sitting as Board Member, Officer or Member for many including the NV Public Health Foundation, Northern NV Health Care Coalition, NV Public Education Foundation, NV Desert Experience, the Catholic Worker movement, the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada and People First of Nevada, to name a few.

In 2002, a year of substantial, personal life change and growth, Anderson embarked upon studying and embracing the teachings of many spiritual masters, starting with the writings of Abraham Hicks, followed by a decade whirlwind of deeper studies in Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedic history and philosophy, Paganism, Spiritual Wellness and ultimately, Nonviolence tenets, Gandhi Teachings, the Interfaith Movement and her passion for change in our world – global Peace Activism. This manifested, life-cycle awakening led Anderson to experience amazing journeys and missions of peace and wellness around the world. From a two-week, humbling Peace delegation to Afghanistan in 2011 with Voices Creative Nonviolence to an  unforgettable International Gensuikyo Peace Conference as a delegate, for the 66th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 2011, to many Interfaith, Catholic Worker and peace organization managed events, conferences, community gatherings and global actions with purposes of peacemaking, seva, self-growth and renewal.  Anderson’s passion for advocacy, social justice and global healing has been re-birthed into helping individuals and businesses also streamline their life-purposes – through Mind, Body & Spirit, peaceful purpose Practices. Soul-food for your Business and Your Life.

The spiritual guidance, the journeys the teachings and the wisdom gained in the past ten years, married with the lifetime of serving People through Listening and Healing, serve as the foundation for Spirit & Serve, LLC.

Many Blessings and Welcome.

Mary Lou

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