NEW! Bone Casting Divination… Medicine of the Spirits

I’m Welcoming new Clients, Friends and Family to experience one of the most ancient forms of Divination – the Casting of Bones, which is also referred to as Osteomancy.

After 20 + years of Serving many men, women and even children in gifting Spiritual, Energy and Psychic Readings, Spirit’s call came to me with the Winds to begin reading and studying the ways of the Sangomas ,(especially the Women) the Traditional Healers from South Africa, and their deeply sacred and telling Bone Readings. After my very first experience with a true Shaman, where he began his Healing and Medicine Work with me in a Yurt Casting the Bones, I always had deep wonderment about this ancient form of Divination. Ten plus years later and as expected, I have blessedly manifested quite the collection of Bones, lovely Curios and magical Earthen-Gifts to embark upon the Sacred, powerful Work of Bone Casting.

Surprisingly, and similarly, not so surprisingly ~ the Casting of Bones hold the same Sacred messages as any Spiritual or Energy Reading can unveil, as Divination happens in many, many forms. It’s truly the openness and pure essence of the Healer-Reader to be the loving conduit and ‘receive and let flow’ the Divine messages from Spirit and Our Ancestors.

Casting of Bones is quite a magical and beautiful form of ancient Divination, and I am honored to share it with you, my Friends and Family.

Contact me direct through my Website, or Call/Text.

I am taking Appointments Now through the end of 2022 with very limited Timeframes:

Monday through Friday, 5 PM – 8 PM PST.

Blessings Your Way Luvs, I look forward to sharing the Bones with You ~ The Words of Wisdom of Your Ancestors Await . . .

Mary Lou, Healing Woman

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