There’s a sweet, important difference between a Gathering and a Circle.

Gatherings generally involve various aspects of bringing Community together, perhaps through Drumming, Song, Dance, Meditation, Spoken Word performances, Meditation and much more.

Spirit and Serve Circles are much more intimate and will focus upon one or two main Themes for the Circle, as example a Women’s Healing Circle, maybe a Men’s Soul Circle, and any number of different Circles, with Children and Young Adults, focused upon the Sharing, Teaching and Experiencing of any infinite amount of wonderful Earth-based Teachings and possibilities!

Each Spirit and Serve Circle is customized to your Individual or Group’s Intention, and can include a variety of other available Spirit and Serve Services, may be held either in Nature, a Home, Business or most any Settings you may be interested in, and will last anywhere from 2-4 Hours. Your Sky is Our Limit!

Contact Me Today to Discuss, Brainstorm, Day Dream the many Options in Creating a perfect Circle Event for your needs. The opportunities are endless and all of our Circles are Divinely created with Love, Sharing, Teaching and Sharing in mind – The Way of the Healer.






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