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Many Blessings Everyone,

I debated for quite a few years on the value of a Web presence, but have been guided with a fervor, to make  it  happen, so thus here it comes to Life! The best way to Contact Me is actually via Phone or Text, however I would love for you to peruse the Website in advance so you will have a clear Vision of what I can offer as well as where you may be seeking The Work – for Yourself, Loved Ones or your Community.

We are Living in a World, and now in a Golden Age, like no other that has passed before upon our Sacred Earth. I am beyond Grateful and Humbled to spread the Love and the Medicine for All, so we may continue to collectively shine the infinite and powerful Light upon Ourselves, and therefore everyone else in our Lives – That is Peace; Peace is definitely our only Way.

I Hope to Meet You Very Soon, Much Love,

Mary Lou


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Mary Lou Anderson, Owner – (702) 572-7249 – Las Vegas, NV



Spirit and Serve, LLC 

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