EarthVibes Yoga was birthed over 10 years ago as my life and world was opening up to the Journey of infinite lifetimes.

A combination of an Organically infused Hatha and Vinyasa flow Asana Practice, steeped deeply in Mind-Body-Spirit movement, and including Pranayama, Meditation, Energy, Reiki and Oil Offerings, EarthVibes Yoga offers a wide spectrum of Asana, Kirtan-beats, Bhakti and Pranayama modalities with all Sessions open to All Levels, including Children, Seniors and People with Disabilities.

Cover Shot was taken in 2018 – a peaceful, purposeful March Against Monsanto – Worldwide, this taking place in Las Vegas, NV. A Yogi FLASHMOB! Lovely, Spirited, Heart-filled Yoga Flashmob bringing awareness to GMO contamination, nationwide. (Since then; many Countries around the Planet have completely eliminated the use of GMO’s as well as have taken products off the shelves containing GMO’s). Peaceful, Energizing Experience, Courtesy of EarthVibes Yoga ~

Private, Group and Event Sessions as well as Chair-Yoga for Seniors

(Alzheimers/Dementia Classes also Offered). 

Feel free to Contact Me for Private and Group Sessions, Latest Updates of Dates, Times and Locations. 

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Aum

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EnJOY this Sweet Video taken by friend John Amidon, at the Nevada Desert Experience’ Annual Sacred Peace Walk across the Mojave Desert. Many Blessings and Gratitude John ~ to our Joy-filled, Health and Abundant Lives!