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Welcome to The Work of Spirit and The Divine



Fees for all Spirit & Serve, LLC Services are contained within this Link. I’ve focused my personal Practice and The Work on being affordable for all people, regardless of financial circumstances, which includes large company’s to small, family-owned businesses, Non-Profit Organizations and Individuals desiring Services, both in the Office as well as On The Divine Road and in Personal Residences.

I’m Joyful to be able to offer all of my Services and our Events at reasonable Rates which are absolutely always negotiable, based upon Individual needs and possible restrictions. I’m committed to providing The Work to anyone and everyone who seeks to Grow their Soul and their Life, and therefore will always, if need be, work with You or your Group, to ensure we can come to a reasonable and amicable understanding. My Intention is to always Serve and therefore my Services are available to Everyone who truly has the desire to Learn and divinely move forward in their Journey and therefore, the exchange always comes quite naturally, and as perfectly as it is meant to.

Take a look at our Fee Schedule Page, and Contact Me with any Questions!

Many Blessings for this Divine Life!