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Blessed New Year Loves . . .

I rarely Share the personal Medicine I receive in so many divine ways, as I’ve been taught and believe from my Soul, everyone’s Journey is their own and is meant to be sanctified and revered for it’s Grace. However, my experience with Fire these past few weeks of concluding the powerful, all-telling year of 2018 and entering into the deepest of the Golden Age in 2019 has sparked my Heart to tell a bit of the Story . . .

Fire has been a Sacred part of Life and Life’s work for quite a few  years now; same time, I’ve considered it always to part of the greater Whole  in terms of the many tools and teachings I continue to receive for the LightWork We are here to Learn and Share with our fellow Human Beings. The Fire the past two weeks came to Me with quite the furor and growing messages, beginning with the unexpected trip to Tijuana, Mexico to spend 6 days and nights doing the Work with the thousands of Migrants humbly living in the streets awaiting their magical and mysterious ‘tickets’ to enter the United States. 

The absence of Fire was so apparent at every turn . . . our living quarters were without heat, the evenings were frigid and the people in the streets – they were constantly cold, wet, without warmth, heat, protection, Fire. What we gave was so minimal in the larger scheme of Seva and Service, but the Fire in our belly’s to help as we could, with supplies and compassion, was as no other. The absence of Fire for our human bodies and minds, was radically offset by the Fire which burned inside to help those – helpless – with every warm breath of our Being. The dichotomy.

Returning home to relatively balmy Las Vegas. I found the temperatures to be radically dropping in the evening, sub-freezing actually. And the Fire I was so grateful for in my safe home, was flailing. On the absolute coldest nights of the year, my Heater decided to remind me of Mexico, and not provide the much wanted warmth and comfort. So, we froze for a (mere) 2 evenings. And I begged for the Fire, for the fix, for the safety. I begged. And, I feared – for myself, my dog, my renter; I feared. And then terrible news, a new Heater was necessary – over $10,000. No! Where and Why has my Fire escaped me? Spirit told me to use my Gifts laying deep within my Soul and reach out to the Light, and Trust.

And, I did. And the second company I called revealed my Heater was fine, no breaks, no C02, no worries; perhaps just buy a new thermostat. And he tested it and said, See . . . it’s functioning fine. There are always those out there who ‘want you to believe’ you must invest in newer and better – to make the sale, but Trust, you will be fine. And my Soul softened and  my pounding Heart from the past 3 days subsided and I engaged the truest sense of all i Am . . . and immediately ‘All’ was well. The heating unit returned to it’s fine state. And the frigid nights? They triggered my deep fears of not providing for myself, of freezing, of all becoming ill under my responsibility. When I used my Intuition and then Trusted in the Intended outcome I affirmed – the Fire returned.

New Years Eve, I was blessed to partake in a Lakota Sweat Lodge Ceremony to bring in the New Year, and I was completely drawn towards, again, sitting with Fire. The Ceremony was beautiful, and the Fire – was so very hot, full of Spirit and Light. I have become more accustomed each time I sit in the Sacred Circle to quickly dispel any human fears and connect to that which presents itself in form of Teachings and Divine Prayer. But, this year, I was agitated by the Fire.

The Prayers were potent, the messages and visions more intense then the last, the Song, so healing, and the starry, frigid night out beyond the walls of the Lodge could not permeate the Sacred space, Within. Yet, the Fire, was again poking and pulling at my Soul . . . with mighty purpose of which I was willing to learn, as humbly as possible. It was Purification – the absence of Fire in my 3D life the past week coupled this evening, with the intense, all giving Fire of the Lodge cried for me to Listen, Listen with respect. Respect for Self and all life around Me. And, I listened.

New Year’s Day Morning – spent with dear friends and family Praying and Chanting in our new journey around the Sun by celebrating the thousand names of Vishnu – Vishnu Sahastranaam Yajna. I was a bit late from the heaviness of the eve before and arrived to find the space available for me – the only space – was the closest to the F i r e. Literally the small seating area was precisely where the flames were jumping out into the Air, with a fury and passion. And I sat and began to Chant and Pray – and the Agitation returned, again. The heat was hot, scorching, as if I never left the Sweat Lodge and the Flames jumped at me, no matter what blessed medicine was offered to the Fire, the flames stayed constant, even with my Heart center, in my lap and surrounding my being. I quenched my agitation almost immediately with at least 10 oz. water; the message was clear to me; Purify and Cleanse with the Water, and return to the Sacred Fire. I came back anew, and welcomed the Fire into me and returned the Gift with a strong voice, strong heart, strong purpose for myself, and all Life on our Earth. I accepted the Teachings of this Fire and welcomed her . . . She rolled and danced and tumbled and she warmed my Heart.

The next day I was to ask a dear friend of mine to install a new Thermostat – precautionary, very Human and I believe, practical measure. He is a Giver, a Do-er, a great human dedicated to Service to Others. And I relayed my Story to him, excitedly but same time with urgency as the fear of losing the Fire again, was still foreboding and…present. He calmly said he had never installed a Thermostat,  but was sure he could do it. He asked when, I replied, as soon as possible. He said to me, “…I have a few errands to run but going to be by your place later, I will come over. I have to go buy a ‘space, room heater- as I’ve been without heat for over a week. I cried out to my friend and apologized for ranting about my own lack of Fire (So I still Believed) when he had just experienced the same. He said, ‘…no worries at all; the cold doesn’t bother me, I rather like it, and I know how to stay warm and keep the Fire alive’. Ahhh, well then – another interesting Lesson. Of course, it’s entirely Within, we are fueled from deep within our own Conscienceness, and Heart.

And he came, and he will fix it. And he purchased his own small space heater and all is well and warm, and quite pleasantly Firey in his world. And this morning, I connect with a dear, strong, magical younger Sister and share the story with her – and she tells me – she and her partner have lived without heat since they moved back with her parents. Over a year. No Heat, but much Fire. Ahhh.

The repeating Medicine was complex for my human mind, but began to flow deeply and beautifully for and through my Soul. I began to See, Again.

I offer humbly, those without Fire may and do still live with the Firey Light of Love within . . . and the Heat is omnipotent. Our Hosts in Mexico – self chose to live simply – and their Fire was alive and nurturing to themselves and our Earth! Our Brothers and Sisters in the streets of Mexico; living in tents having traveled 1000’s of miles to seek their Freedom – their Fire was alive with every breath! Their resolve to survive and their Hope and confidence for a better life and their Humbleness was the greatest of Fires in their belly’s.  And my renter and my lovely pooch, best friend ~ they survived without the heat, but their Fire and Resolve bode them well, happy, loved and…full of life’s Fire. My dear friend and Helper to  many, he has never lost the Fire, the heat of it all doesn’t affect him, one way or the other. His Fire is strong, kind and purposeful within. And my dear Sister, daughter, Healer friend . . . has the warmest of Hearts and resolve to live the fullest, most joyful life possible for herself, so she may continue to Serve others – as she passionately does. She’s young, vibrant, Awake and Tapped In to all that is.

And My own Fire Story, ends with an amazing book by a Native American Lakota Brother who was called to write, with permission of his Elders and Ancestors, of the Ways of the Native Americans, their Ceremony’s, their Ritual, their Prayers, their Life. The book came to  me as they all do; auspiciously by Spirit, with intent. “Beyond the Lodge of the Sun” by Chokecherry Gall Eagle. And the first three Chapters – are the Ways of Fire Teachings. Truth. Beautiful Truth. I smiled and weeped as I read his Words. Words of Light, Trust, All that I Am.

Our Fire is within, she must be nurtured and often stoked and fed . . . and to Fear our own Fire is the greatest of human fears itself, Fear of thy own Self, Fear of the burn and . . . Fear of the Fire being doused into Ashes. The Sacred Fire Medicine I received these past two weeks was intensely hot, full of flames, passion, prayers, human fears and Lessons. To be without Fire is to silence our Souls . . . I have never been without, my Heart explodes with Fire, Fire of Compassion and Love and . . . Light. The brief loss of Heat reminded me of the Fire within, the Flames leading me out of 2018 into 2019 reminded me of the Burn and the Glory of her teachings; much like the Tao – the Light and the Darkness. Friends reminded me of Perspective; to do without is merely a human choice and to thrive without Fire is entirely possible for the human condition, as the Flame, the Flame within is Eternal.

And I was deeply reminded last evening by my Love of the love and the passion of the Fire within . . . She never dies. The Medicine was potent and complicated; So within, So without. I wish for All to nurture and tap into the Fire within our own Souls and Trust the Journey, the human and the Spiritual Journey full of the most loving and kindest of messages along the Path. Do dispel the Fears . . . the Fire is our Purest essence, She is the Light.

“…the Fire Teachings. It is about generating Light. We say that where modern society has gone wrong, is to artificially produce a cold and impersonal light to live by. This is symbolized by man-made lights. They, in turn symbolize the idea that man can dominate or subjugate nature. You can use Fire to Light the Night, and it is whole and complete.” Chokecherry Gall Eagle.

Blessings my Friends, to a Firey, Passionate New Year Upon Us  All,

Mary Lou

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