EarthVibes Yoga, Asana & Pranayama Classes

Mary Lou, Spirit & Serve, lovingly Offers EarthVibes Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation Sessions for the People, In-Person in both Las Vegas and Northern NV, as well as Online via ZOOM.

EarthVibes Yoga & Meditation Sessions – EarthVibes Yoga incorporates a completely Organic, Earth-based Asana with Vinyasa flow Practice, along with Meditation and a bit of Reiki & Prayer Work. All Ages & All Levels Welcome & Encouraged. REQUIREMENTS: Any Age Person can Practice Yoga. If you are being seen by a Physician or are Pregnant, please Consult with your Physician first. Blessings coming Your Way with this either 60-minute, 75-minute or Awesome 2 Hour slice of Self Love and Self Health ~ Join Us.

Pranayama for the People Sessions – Pranayama for the People Sessions combines an Opening Chant & Prayer, Hand Mudra engagement, 5 basic Pranayama Breathing Exercises, Closing Meditation and Prayer for the World. This 60 minute Session is best practiced first thing in the Morning ~ with an Empty Stomach and Open, Calm Heart. REQUIREMENTS: No Eating 4 hours before; No drinking 1/2 hour before, No exercise or heavy lifting 1/2 hour before. Those being treated for Hypertension, Heart Disease or possibly/definitely pregnant should check with their attending Physician first, prior to beginning a Pranayama Practice. Pranayama is the Yoga of Breath ~ Our Life Force. Children to Elders practice Pranayama; oftentimes, every Day. Gentle, Soothing, Invigorating Sacred Yoga Practice to begin your Day ~ with much Self Love.

Private EarthVibes Yoga, Meditation and/or Pranayama Sessions Available Now. Connect with Me and We will Setup a Session which fits Your Needs ~

EarthVibes Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Practice IS THE Soul Food for your Mind, Body & Spirit. I encourage All Ages, All Levels . . . these Asana, Meditation and Breathing Sessions are Sacred Practices, having been birthed centuries ago in India; part of the Vedic Practices for impeccable Health and Well-Being.

Contact Me Today with any Questions, it will be my Pleasure to Serve You and provide Yoga Teachings, which gift our Human Being with the greatest of Sacred Medicine, through the most natural of Practices – Movement, Breath, Energy and Relaxation of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Blessings, Namaste’ and Love Your Way ~ EarthVibes Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation ~ Mary Lou

EarthVibes Yoga (Western) English to (Eastern) India, Sanskrit Asana Postures




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