Spirit & Serve Testimonials ~ Thank You All!

Client Testimonials & Gratitude

From the bottom of my Heart & Soul, I am humbly Grateful for the amazing People whom Spirit sends my way…

Many Blessings and Deep Gratitude for your Loving Words!

May the Divine Way of Spirit, Creator, God, Source and our Universe always be with You in this Our incredible Life Journey, and may Your Lives be filled with Joy, Peace, Loving Purpose, Forgiveness & Freedom always, in all Ways.

Blessings, Mary Lou

“…form the moment I met Mary Lou I felt calm and comfortable in her presence. Her gentle demeanor and kind spirit really shone through in our Reiki Sessions and Yoga Practices. I felt I was always in safe hands . . . I can not recommend Mary Lou highly enough, her dedication as a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher are truly exceptional.” Sheri ~

“Mary Lou is filled with so much knowledge and has counseled me through my darkest moments with the most love, respect and confidence. She Walks the Talk. She is a powerful advocate of Women and those in need of advocacy; you want her on your side with any injustice you are enduring. I have so much love and Respect for this woman who has been my Teacher, Guide, and who I get to call Friend and Sister.”  Jennifer ~

“I’ve known Mary Lou for over 10 years meeting her as a Yogi and Dance Student, and eventually the Teacher. She is a Teacher’s Teacher. Mary Lou is the person many of us Truth Seekers and holders of the Light go to for advice. She Walks the Talk with Wisdom and nurturing Guidance. She’s also a well-respected Activist and has devoted many hours to (Social Justice) causes both locally and internationally. She’s truly a renaissance woman and has the respect of many Communities; having much accomplishment to her credit. Most importantly I consider her more than a confidant and teacher, but as My Sister.”               Joe Blackbear ~


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