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“… Mary Lou has been an amazing Blessing on my Journey! I have done Sacred Listening and Reiki with her. Her Sessions are extremely insightful and have helped bring clarity to many areas in my life. She truly takes the time to listen and it all comes from the Heart. she has become not only a Mentor of  mine, but also my Sister and friend. I am eternally grateful. Thank you Sister!”  Angelica

“…Do Your Mind and Body a favor . . . practice Yoga & Meditation with EarthVibes Yoga!  The physical and mental improvement this Practice provides keeps me going every week . . . ”  Anne

Back in 2018, yet Here in 2022 ~

And Remembering the Power of 2018 . . . And another Year, an important, defining Year, a Year of double the Intentions, the Dreams and the Work has sweetly worked its way into our Lives. In Numerology, 2018 is an 11 Year, a Year of dramatic Growth and Opportunity and Light is upon Us. The 11 is a Master Birth Path number in Numerology. Those individuals with a Master Birth Path number have been brought to our World to help us Learn and See and walk the path of the Divine.

As an entire Year representing the Master Path 11 – 2018 – the time for our Human Race as a collective whole to shift our Consciousness and our Souls into a space of pure Love and Light, is now grandly upon us. The 11 is a Sacred and Powerful number – a brilliant Life-Path for all on our Planet who choose to seek the Peace and well-being of all Humanity, has arrived, with a blessed fervor.

Are you choosing Love as your Path, your Destiny, your Now? We have been given so many opportunities in this human-lifetime of ours to forge Paths of Love, Nonviolence, Hope and Peace, and now, right now, Our time has arrived to Be the Love we’ve been gifted by our Creator, to Be our Truth, to Be the Servers, the Teachers, the Share-ers to each other, we have been sent to Be, since the beginning of Our time.

Waste no more time or thoughts wishing what may have been, could have been, wanting to turn back the clock. Spend our Sacred time in the Present, the Now, the important Work we have been sent here to do and Be. Setting our sights high, as the highest, sweetest mountain, with the intention to fully Self-Love, fully Love, fully live a deep, simple life of Joy, fully Serve and fully Heal – Heal from all old wounds, hurts, perceived injustices and pains, is Our Way.

Connect with the Heart, Connect with the Spirit, Connect with the Soul. Rekindle your Passion for this life, rekindle your Love for all Sacred Beings. And if we say, ‘how’, begin with thyself. Seek the Spirit within, seek the Freedom, the Wholeness – from your own Quiet, Solitude, Meditation and deep Prayer. Speak and ask to be truly Listened, Nourish your own Soul first – in the name of drawing in the truest, purest, brightest Light and infinite Love our collective consciousness has to offer. Seek friends of like-mind, eat incredibly healthy, green foods, walk, run, dance, play, Laugh – so Laugh daily, Seek Guidance, Seek Healing from Light Workers, Healers, Energy Workers, Spiritualists, Guides.

Be Willing and Brave to Seek the truest essence of Self. Know your freedom and Life-Joy is awaiting, oh so close. Know the many practices of creating a calm, healthy, happy and peaceful Soul are the keys to Healing thyself. Read, Sing, Dance, Chant, Drum, Pray, Begin a Spiritual Practice, Begin a Yoga & Meditation Practice, perhaps a Pranayama Practice, Walk, Run, Jump, Gather with like-minded Community. Take the proverbial Leap . . . Healing Ourselves Heals our World.

The messages from Our, Your Divine and Highest Self are quite clear and compelling . . . Engage in your Soul and your Spirit; Learn to Shine your infinitely bright Light from Within…and Live Your Life of Love!

There are many of Us to gently show You The Way . . . Reach Out Luvs, Reach Out. To the Time of Our Lives, We have arrived!

Many Blessings and Love,

Mary Lou

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