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Theta Healing


Theta Healing was brought to our World by and through the amazing Vianna Stibal.

The Theta state is a very deep state of relaxation. In Theta, the brainwaves are slowed; they are our subconscious where memories and sensations reside along with attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Marrying a person’s Theta state with the will and the want to permit ‘Creator, God’ Work to occur, and using the power of Words,Thoughts, Psychic Senses, Chakras, Free Will, Co-Creation, the Loving Command to our Creator – Theta Healing is by far the most powerful, effective, (Self) Healing tool Humans have been gifted in our lifetimes. We work together to identify, see and release Thoughts, Self-Words, Behavior Patterns, Fears and Belief Systems and Programs which impede each of Us from Living our lives to the fullest – Our Authentic, Loving Selves. All Ages.

Theta Sessions – 1 ½ – 2 Hours, In Person, Telephone, Remote Options Available. Contact Me to Book an Appointment!

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