My core purpose of creating and living Spirit and Serve, LLC is to share the most potent of Healing and Medicines I’ve personally experienced, and thus, have studied and continue to deeply study from, with the greater good – People from all walks of this Divine Life seeking your own Paths on this Journey of infinite lifetimes.

The Spiritual and Healing Services offered by myself, and oftentimes, dear friends and collaborators, span likely many lifetimes we’ve all lived on our Sacred Earth, and maybe even beyond.

Sacred Listening, my Heart’s Work, along with Prayer Work, Energy Healing, Reiki, Theta Healing, Spiritual Readings, Meditation Work, Powerful HeartBeats Drumming and Meditation, Sacred Cleansings, On The Divine Road work, EarthVibes Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama, Sacred Movement and Meditation and The Medicine (Offered through various Collaborators of the Earth) are the core Services I share with those seeking to re-connect with their Souls and their Divine Truth.

Take a Look Within – Literally and Figuratively, and Do Connect with Me to Discuss how best to either Begin or Continue your Journey to Self Love, Acceptance and Divine Abundance by choosing to take the proverbial “Leap” – Our Services are held in the strictest of Confidence and Offer every Individual and Group many opportunities to strengthen and awaken the Love and the Power Within.

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