Individual, Group, Non-Profit Discounted Services

We LOVE Discounts – We All LOVE Discounts, Sales, Specials & More!

Spirit Serve, LLC and our Collaborators all do The Work and provide Service to all  Peoples for the purpose of spreading the Healing forces of Love, Light and Peace as far and as wide as possible. Our Services are priced reasonably so everyone has an opportunity to seek their unique form of Healing and Health, be it through the many modalities of Energy Work to more focused and deeper Healing Work such as Theta Healing, Prayer Work and any number of wonderful Circles and Gatherings to spark the Souls of many, in more of a Community environment.

I’m Honored to be able to Share these Gifts with Everyone who is seeking their deeper, more fulfilling Life-Path and will Offer Discounts on most Services for those in the greatest of financial need, along with all Senior Citizens (25% Discount on All Services), People with Disabilities (25% Discount on All Services) and those Groups – including all Non-Profit Organizations, who provide socially-responsible Service/Seva of their own – to the many people requiring Help in bringing their lives back to a point of Abundance and Growth.

And check back often for Specials, Sales & More!

Do Inquire with Me if a Discount may Apply for your Individual or Group Needs – I will work with Everyone to ensure that you are able to experience the sweet, loving success of opening your Minds, Bodies and Spirits up to the greatest of all Paths – Love.

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